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Best destinations to visit in Mongolia for 2018

Trying to decide where to go and what places to visit in Mongolia? Here are some of the best spots and sights to see.

Khongoriin Els

If you like to ride camels and see the Gobi dunes, this is THE place for you. Make sure to bring sunscreen, a lot of water, and pair of good shades, because it can get extremely hot and dry.

Trekking up the dunes can even take hours, so if you want to climb the dunes and take awesome pictures, you better start working out and getting in shape. While the peak isn’t that high, the sand dunes are very slippery and it takes a lot of effort to trek through the sand.

Khuvsgul Lake

This is where you will get to see one of the clearest waters in the world...

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Selecting Mongolian Tour Agencies for French Visitors

For newcomers to Mongolia who are looking for an adventure, if you are looking for travel agencies that serve French speaking nationals, you need to find an agency that has fluently native French tour guides, directors, and an agency that is dedicated to providing you with excellence.

When choosing a tour agency, it is a MUST to choose tour agencies that you will trust and that will give you an authentic experience for the whole trip. Try Google-ing the best tour agencies; I am sure you will find a few.

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5 Reasons to Stay a Few Days in Ulaanbaatar

Mongolia is know for it’s beautiful landscapes and nature Although we strongly suggest to visit the countryside out in the steppes, there are still plenty of things to do besides trekking around the country in endless plains.

While Ulaanbaatar is not as advanced as Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, and such, Ulaanbaatar is still a good city to take a look around for a few days. You can go to the Shangri La mall, watch a movie, go to the square and many more.

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